Information Superhighway

 The Internet as a Drug

The Internet, Alternatively referred to as the net or web, was initially developed to aid in the progress of computing technology by linking all the best academic computer centers. The Internet contains billions of web pages created by people and companies from around the world, making it a limitless place to locate information and entertainment. The Internet also has thousands of services that help make life more convenient. For example, many financial institutions offer online banking that enables a user to manage and view their account online. (

We can compare Internet to a Drug, a Drug that cures and a Drug that could terribly lead a person into destruction. Merriam Webster Dictionary defined Drug as a substance used as a medication, treatment, or a prevention of a disease and also defined it as a substance that causes addiction or habituation.

Yes, the Internet is definitely a cure to some of our problems, in fact internet eases and helps us in our daily living. Problems nowadays are being solved by the internet, In terms of Education we now just consult the google for answers on our assignments, researches and even solving math problems which are now very useful for students taking math subjects, students now find the internet as a Drug for their problems and as a large scale source of information.

For Health issues, Internet could also be a drug, a preventive drug for people who are suffering from different kinds of diseases. “The use of the Internet as a source of medical information has become increasingly popular as more patients “go online.” According to a recent United States survey, 52 million adults have used the World Wide Web to obtain health or medical information. By 2005, an estimated 88.5 million adults will use the Internet to research health information and/or health-related products and to communicate with providers.”(Joseph A Diaz, MD, Rebecca A Griffith, MD, and Anne W Moulton, MD, 2002). Even here in the Philippines most of us are going through the internet to search for effective medicines and healthy tips to prevent and at least lessen the pain that we are feeling.

For Business industry, the Internet is a very essential and effective drug. Nowadays Business has a large scale on the internet. Every person or group of person who decided to put their business online can now connect and easily transact with their buyers. Through the Internet they could also advertise their business and promote things which are relevant to their business and this is to encourage and persuade consumers to join with their companies and buy their products. For most, the Internet has become a ubiquitous part of daily life. Many people work online all day and then spend evenings streaming movies. With the convenience of online banking, fewer customers step inside their local banks, while millions of shoppers make purchases without leaving home. And the Internet has replaced the phone as a quick way to stay in touch with family and friends.

Of course, the Internet can do so much more than just bringing your favorite show to your big-screen TV. It’s more than just a place to pay your electric bill and buy books. This incredible place called the World Wide Web is also a powerful tool and Drug for self-improvement. (Ryan Sauer, 2013)

“The Internet is one of the most useful technologies in the modern times and has become an indispensable communication tool that has transformed the world into a global village. The Internet has brought tremendous revolution in various fields, including business, research, education and entertainment, and has provided access to information for many millions of people. However, despite these many gains, the Internet has also introduced a myriad of challenges.” (2017)

Internet as a source of information could also mislead people from the wrong information it is giving to us. We can compare this on wrong and inaccurate drug that was given to a certain patient, which the patient would just take the wrong drug and eventually leads to a worse condition. The Internet can also lead people to be addicted to it especially on the online games which are popular and this kind of addiction can be hardly avoided. In addition Internet is now a drug like cocaine that when you continuously take it, you can be addicted to it and could possibly commit a crime with the effect of the drug you took, committing a crime on the internet like doing a scam networking or luring the people and even stealing the identity of other people.

As such, we can compare the Internet as a Drug in two different way where we take the drug for good or the other way around but we must use it instead for improvement and development of our life.


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